02:54 Synthetic pot sends hundreds to ERs in past month, Health

Apr 18 Study reveals a cause of poorer outcomes for African-American patients with breast cancer, Cancer

Apr 17 Unprecedented germ diversity found in remote Amazonian tribe, Medical research

Apr 17 Fruit fly studies shed light on adaptability of nerve cells, Neuroscience

Apr 17 New genetic mutation could signal start of malaria drug resistance in Africa, Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Apr 17 Text messages a good way to support mothers with postpartum depression, research finds, Psychology & Psychiatry

Apr 17 Zebrafish research tests safer, less toxic cancer therapies, Cancer

Apr 17 Dogs sniff out chemicals linked to prostate cancer, Cancer

Apr 17 Artificial meat tipped to flood low-end market, Health

Apr 17 New function of obesity gene revealed, Genetics

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