00:00 Study finds codeine often prescribed to children, despite available alternatives, Pediatrics

16:00 Low tolerance for pain? The reason may be in your genes, Genetics

Apr 20 Team identifies source of most cases of invasive bladder cancer, Cancer

Apr 20 Researchers uncover link between Down syndrome and leukemia, Genetics

Apr 20 'Chaperone' compounds offer new approach to Alzheimer's treatment, Alzheimer's disease & dementia

Apr 20 Cancer stem cells linked to drug resistance, Cancer

Apr 20 Improving newborns' bacterial environment could fend off infections, animal study suggests, Immunology

Apr 20 Ebola has killed 61 in Guinea since January, Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Apr 18 More than a quarter of emergency contraceptives in Peru falsified or substandard, Medications

Apr 18 Religious music brings benefit to seniors' mental health, Psychology & Psychiatry

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