19:00 Study of gene mutations in aplastic anemia may help optimize treament, Medical research

19:00 Humans evolved to be taller and faster-thinking, study suggests, Genetics

18:54 Benefits of vitamin B12 supplements for older people questioned, Health

18:52 Brain activity predicts promiscuity and problem drinking, Psychology & Psychiatry

18:45 One in four people prescribed opioids progressed to longer-term prescriptions, Medications

Jul 01 Immune response to a flu protein yields new insights into narcolepsy, Immunology

Jul 01 Statins linked to lower aggression in men, but higher in women, Medications

Jul 01 Men with 'low testosterone' have higher rates of depression, Psychology & Psychiatry

Jul 01 Seeing is believing: How brains make sense of the visual world, Neuroscience

Jul 01 Lifelong learning is made possible by recycling of histones, study says, Neuroscience

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