09:35 Scientists describe the function of an enzyme critical to male fertility, Medical research

09:24 Twitter helps smokers kick the habit, study finds, Health

09:22 UN: World eating too much sugar; cut to 5-10 percent of diet (Update), Health

09:08 GDNF not needed by the midbrain dopamine system, Neuroscience

09:07 Curtailing worry reduces key schizophrenia symptom, Psychology & Psychiatry

09:04 Scientists describe novel drug mechanism that fights brain cancer, Cancer

09:00 Oxytocin may enhance social function in psychiatric disorders, Psychology & Psychiatry

06:03 Hidden hazards found in green products, Health

06:00 Implanted stem cells reduce symptoms of Alzheimer's during experiment, researchers say, Medical research

04:36 Fried foods tied to raised heart failure risk, Cardiology

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