14:40 Innovative 'genotype first' approach uncovers protective factor for heart disease, Genetics

14:26 Childhood coxsackie virus infection depletes cardiac stem cells and might compromise heart health in adults, Cardiology

13:10 New paper describes how DNA avoids damage from UV light, Cancer

13:01 Strict genomic partitioning by biological clock separates key metabolic functions, Medical research

12:10 Insular cortex alterations in mouse models of autism, Autism spectrum disorders

12:10 New mapping approach lets scientists zoom in and out as the brain processes sound, Neuroscience

12:00 Drug target identified for common childhood blood cancer, Cancer

12:00 Birthday matters for wiring-up the brain's vision centers, Neuroscience

12:00 See-through organs and bodies will accelerate biomedical discoveries, Medical research

10:51 Scientists shine bright new light on how living things capture energy from the sun, Medical research

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