16:00 An hour of moderate exercise a day may decrease heart failure risk, Cardiology

15:15 Study links sex hormone levels in the blood to risk of sudden cardiac arrest, Cardiology

08:41 Coffee increases prediabetes risk in susceptible young adults, Cardiology

Sep 02 Drug gives 'new hope' against heart failure, expert says, Cardiology

Sep 01 Location of body fat can increase hypertension risk, Cardiology

Aug 31 Wine only protects against CVD in people who exercise, Cardiology

Aug 31 Drinking tea reduces non-CV mortality by 24 percent, Cardiology

Aug 29 'Face time' for the heart diagnoses cardiac disease, Cardiology

Aug 27 Protein in 'good cholesterol' may be a key to treating pulmonary hypertension, Cardiology

Aug 26 Everest expedition provides first evidence of effects of altitude on blood pressure, Cardiology

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