11:00 Memory and thinking ability keep getting worse for years after a stroke, new study finds, Cardiology

Jul 06 Кesearchers find two biomarkers linked to severe heart disease, Cardiology

Jul 06 Heart attack treatment hypothesis 'busted', Cardiology

Jul 06 Typically disregarded brain lesions may warn of heightened stroke risk, Cardiology

Jul 06 Link found between autoimmune diseases, medications, and a dangerous heartbeat condition, Cardiology

Jul 06 Extra heartbeats could be modifiable risk factor for congestive heart failure, Cardiology

Jul 06 Lifestyle factors associated with less heart failure after 65, Cardiology

Jul 06 'Rambo' protein may not be so violent after all, Cardiology

Jul 06 Fundamental beliefs about atherosclerosis overturned, Cardiology

Jul 02 Review indicates where cardio benefits of exercise may lie, Cardiology

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