13:00 A sense of purpose may help your heart, Cardiology

Mar 05 New study links antidepressants with improved cardiovascular outcomes, Cardiology

Mar 05 Researchers discover protein's pivotal role in heart failure, Cardiology

Mar 04 Common drug for irregular heartbeat tied to worse outcomes, Cardiology

Mar 04 Common antidepressant may hold the key to heart failure reversal, Cardiology

Mar 04 Fried foods tied to raised heart failure risk, Cardiology

Mar 03 Study shows who benefits most from statins, Cardiology

Mar 03 Study shows poor heart function could be major risk for Alzheimer's disease, Cardiology

Mar 02 Heart valve repair surgery may ease mental health symptoms, too, Cardiology

Mar 02 Guidelines suggest blood thinners for more women, seniors with AFib, Cardiology

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