13:00 'Master regulator' gene—long tied to autism disorders—stimulates other genes in early brain development, Genetics

Dec 16 Amount of mitochondrial DNA predicts frailty and mortality, Genetics

Dec 16 People may inherit 'gut' bacteria that cause Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis, Genetics

Dec 16 New research unlocks a mystery of albinism, Genetics

Dec 16 Scientists find genetic wrinkle to block sun-induced skin aging, Genetics

Dec 15 Algorithm identifies networks of genetic changes across cancers, Genetics

Dec 15 'Genome editing' could correct genetic mutations for future generations, Genetics

Dec 15 Are you genetically predisposed to antisocial behavior?, Genetics

Dec 12 New TGen test uses the unique genetics of women to uncover neurologic disorders, Genetics

Dec 10 Rare gene mutations raise risk of early heart attack, Genetics

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