Oct 29 New way of genome editing cures hemophilia in mice; may be safer than older method, Genetics

Oct 29 Dozens of genes associated with autism in new research, Genetics

Oct 29 In autoimmune diseases, researchers pinpoint genetic risks, cellular culprits, Genetics

Oct 29 Genetic link to kidney stones identified, Genetics

Oct 28 Scientists find genetic variants influence a person's response to statins, Genetics

Oct 26 Gene link to seizures in children after MMR vaccine, Genetics

Oct 26 Unsuspected gene found frequently mutated in colorectal, endometrial cancers, Genetics

Oct 24 Clues to genetics of congenital heart defects emerge from Down syndrome study, Genetics

Oct 23 Gene that once aided survival in the Arctic found to have negative impact on health today, Genetics

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