03:25 Immunity, signaling genes may be linked to schizophrenia, Genetics

Jul 22 Mysterious esophagus disease is autoimmune after all, Genetics

Jul 21 Schizophrenia's genetic 'skyline' rising: Suspect common variants soar from 30 to 108, Genetics

Jul 21 Diagnostic criteria for Christianson Syndrome, Genetics

Jul 20 New technique maps life's effects on our DNA, Genetics

Jul 20 Common gene variants account for most genetic risk for autism, Genetics

Jul 20 Scientists discover genetic cause of common breast tumours in women, Genetics

Jul 17 Scientists identify a gene that controls the timing of precisely ordered events during maturation, Genetics

Jul 17 Study suggests cystic fibrosis is two diseases, one doesn't affect lungs, Genetics

Jul 17 Researchers find protein-building enzymes have metamorphosed and evolved new functions, Genetics

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