13:00 BPA exposure during pregnancy linked to mothers' future diabetes risk, Health

Mar 31 Number of takeaway outlets in deprived areas increases substantially over two decades, Health

Mar 31 Chronic loneliness in older adults leads to more doctors' office visits, study finds, Health

Mar 31 Folic acid may help elderly weather heat waves, Health

Mar 31 Understanding fish oil benefits during pregnancy, Health

Mar 30 Eating fruits and vegetables with high pesticide residues linked with poor semen quality, Health

Mar 30 Lots of leafy greens might shield aging brains, study finds, Health

Mar 30 Stop blaming the moon: Study highlights flaws in earlier research on hospital admissions and the lunar cycle, Health

Mar 30 Study debunks common misconception that urine is sterile, Health

Mar 30 Mother's diet influences weight-control neurocircuits in offspring, Health

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