14:22 Scientists create mice with a major genetic cause of ALS and FTD, Neuroscience

May 21 Researchers show that mental 'map' and 'compass' are two separate systems, Neuroscience

May 21 Obese teens' brains unusually susceptible to food commercials, study finds, Neuroscience

May 21 Clinical trial shows intuitive control of robotic arm using thought (w/ Video), Neuroscience

May 21 Switching off brain circuit renders mice 'out of touch' with environment, Neuroscience

May 21 Memories influence choice of food, Neuroscience

May 20 New studies contradict earlier findings on Rett syndrome, Neuroscience

May 20 After a sip of milkshake, genes and brain activity predict weight gain, Neuroscience

May 20 Herpes offers big insights on coughing – and potential new remedies, Neuroscience

May 20 Discovery of a treatment to block the progression of multiple sclerosis, Neuroscience

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