Feb 27 Pancreatic cancer has four distinct types, Cancer

Feb 27 Genomic sequence reveals new treatment options for pancreatic cancer, Cancer

Feb 27 The brain's decision-making structure appears to operate hierarchically, Neuroscience

Feb 27 Researchers developing an artificial vision system for prosthetic legs to improve gait, Other

Feb 27 Scientists identify a neural circuit involved in translating premotor planning into active movement, Neuroscience

Feb 27 Do the benefits of drinking raw milk outweigh the risks?, Health

Feb 27 Study challenges theory on unconscious memory system in the brain, Neuroscience

Feb 27 A gene for brain size only found in humans, Medical research

Feb 27 Research captures transient details of HIV genome packaging, HIV & AIDS

Feb 27 Single-step fermentative method for the production of cholesterol-lowering drug pravastatin, Cardiology

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