Oct 29 Low-carb, high-fat diets may reduce seizures in tough-to-treat epilepsy, Neuroscience

Oct 29 Innovative study using video games shows sleep apnea may affect memory of everyday events, Neuroscience

Oct 29 Engineers develop novel ultrasound technology to screen for heart conditions, Cardiology

Oct 29 New molecular imaging technology could improve bladder cancer detection, Cancer

Oct 29 New way of genome editing cures hemophilia in mice; may be safer than older method, Genetics

Oct 29 Dozens of genes associated with autism in new research, Genetics

Oct 29 Scientists generate first human stomach tissue in lab with stem cells, Medical research

Oct 29 In autoimmune diseases, researchers pinpoint genetic risks, cellular culprits, Genetics

Oct 29 Penn vet professor investigates parasite-schizophrenia connection, Medical research

Oct 29 To reap the brain benefits of physical activity, just get moving, Health

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