06:41 Anti-cholinergic drugs impair physical function in elderly patients, Medications

06:29 Computer model reveals cancer's energy source, Cancer

04:10 Some jobs harder on the heart than others, report finds, Cardiology

02:40 Researchers uncover clues to flu's mechanisms, Medical research

Jul 31 Innovative 'genotype first' approach uncovers protective factor for heart disease, Genetics

Jul 31 Childhood coxsackie virus infection depletes cardiac stem cells and might compromise heart health in adults, Cardiology

Jul 31 New paper describes how DNA avoids damage from UV light, Cancer

Jul 31 Strict genomic partitioning by biological clock separates key metabolic functions, Medical research

Jul 31 Insular cortex alterations in mouse models of autism, Autism spectrum disorders

Jul 31 New mapping approach lets scientists zoom in and out as the brain processes sound, Neuroscience

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