13:00 Muscular dystrophy: Repair the muscles, not the genetic defect, Medical research

13:00 Blood-cleansing biospleen device developed for sepsis therapy, Medical research

Sep 12 Dendritic cells affect onset and progress of psoriasis, Medical research

Sep 12 Complex patterns in T lymphocyte responses reflect environmental and genetic influences, Medical research

Sep 10 Pain tolerance levels between men and women are similar, Medical research

Sep 10 Combining antibodies, iron nanoparticles and magnets steers stem cells to injured organs, Medical research

Sep 09 How skin falls apart: The pathology of autoimmune skin disease is revealed at the nanoscale, Medical research

Sep 09 Re-analysis of clinical trial data can change conclusions, researchers report, Medical research

Sep 09 Why humans don't suffer from chimpanzee malaria, Medical research

Sep 09 Lipid deficiency linked to neuron degeneration, Medical research

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