04:47 For many older men, impotence is treatable without drugs, Health

04:46 Saudi announces 11 new MERS infections, Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

03:40 Michigan man among first in US to get 'bionic eye', Ophthalmology

03:20 Researchers tackle 'virtually ignored' psychological study of spite, Psychology & Psychiatry

03:19 Catching more than fish: Ugandan town crippled by AIDS, HIV & AIDS

03:05 Picture books aren't just fun: Moms are exposing toddlers to rich information about animals, Psychology & Psychiatry

00:10 New study finds 2.5 million basketball injuries to high school athletes in six seasons, Health

19:10 Cancer patients need anxiety, depression screening, Cancer

19:00 Neuroscientists discover brain circuits involved in emotion, Neuroscience

19:00 Lower birth weight, less breastfeeding linked to adult inflammation and disease, Immunology

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