14:41 Seatbelt laws encourage obese drivers to buckle up, Overweight and Obesity

14:00 Food supplements plus cash to poor families reduces rates of child malnutrition in Niger, Health

14:00 Daily breakfast is associated with a lower type 2 diabetes risk profile in children, Diabetes

13:30 Throwing a loop to silence gene expression, Genetics

13:20 Time to take notice and tackle heart failure, Cardiology

13:15 Mirabegron for overactive bladder: Added benefit not proven, Medications

13:14 Singaporean birth cohort study finds benefits for babies exposed to two languages, Psychology & Psychiatry

13:08 Are human breast milk microbiome 'neutral'?, Health

13:06 In pro baseball pitchers, weak core linked to more missed days, Health

13:05 What you eat and not just the number of calories, is a significant factor in diabetes risk, Diabetes

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