19:00 Listen to your heart: Why your brain may give away how well you know yourself, Neuroscience

18:30 Dutch doctors withhold/withdraw treatment in many elderly patients, Health

18:30 UK doctors unlikely to be able to repay student loans, Health

18:01 Bird flu confirmed at Iowa farm with 5.3 million chickens, Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

18:00 New breast cancer screening analysis confirms biennial interval optimal for average risk women, Cancer

17:59 A bad buzz: Men with HIV need fewer drinks to feel effects, HIV & AIDS

17:50 Antibiotic-glucocorticoid eardrops found superior in acute otorrhea, Pediatrics

17:40 HLA expression tied to penile cancer outcomes, Cancer

17:30 Attending physicians, residents similar in opioid Rx monitoring, Medications

17:10 Age, creatinine, ejection fraction predict post-MI survival, Cardiology

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